Greater Johnstown Lodge 538

A Message from the Worshipful Master

ARL_2Brethren, it is a privilege to be sitting in the East for Greater Johnstown Lodge #538. I will do my best to see that we continue in the right direction in Free Masonry.

I had the privilege of being WM in Jeannette Lodge years ago, where I was the third generation of WM’s. My Father, then Grandfather, and Myself. All from Lodge 750 in the 30th district. To me this was very special as there are few three generations of Masons but less who are also Masters.

Now I am a dual member and have become very attached to Greater Johnstown Lodge. Being that My Father-in-Law Fred D. Saintz, is a PM and a PDDGM makes this even more special. My extended family and Brothers have been a big part of my life.

This year I want to spread the knowledge I have been given with my Brothers in our Lodge. I also want us to reach out to our Brothers in Cambria Lodge. We all share this great Temple and need to be a group of Brothers working together for the betterment of Free Masonry.

Belonging in Free and Accepted Ancient Masonry is a privilege. Enjoy it, learn from it, and incorporate it in your everyday lives. This is how we make men, better.

So Mote it Be, Brothers,
—Alan R. Lessig, W.M., P.M.