Almoner’s Fund

The Almoner’s Fund is designated for the relief of worthy distressed brethren. If you know a member who has a hardship due to illness, injury, financial setback, or other unfortunate situation, please let us know.

The Fund is comprised of $5 from each member’s annual dues, plus any additional donations specifically directed towards the Almoner’s use. By Grand Lodge rules, at least 50% of the Almoner’s Fund moneys must be disbursed to worthy brethren each year.

No money directed towards the Almoners Fund is ever used for any other purposes.

Almoner’s Fund Donation

To donate money directly to the Almoner’s Fund. (In $1 increments, "order" as many as you'd like to donate.)


All information will be kept confidential. Only the Master and Almoner will be informed (and the Webmaster who must pass the information on) unless the member consents to release his name to the Lodge membership.